about work

Since the beginning of my work life my goal was that work should be like a hobby: Sometimes hard and challenging and maybe I am not happy all the time, but in general it should be fun!
However many people complain about their jobs and “work” appears to have a bad connotation overall. Excuse me, I have a simple question: WHY?

Island Peak Basislager


Einerseits v├Âllig normales Wandern und gleichzeitig v├Âllig extrem und unglaublich.
Wir, also G├╝nter und ich und unsere zwei fetten Rucks├Ącke, sind nach Nepal geflogen. Und dort sind wir los gelaufen. Ein Schritt nach dem anderen. Richtung Everest. Klingt ganz einfach …

bustling metropolis

China 2006

China, the new and rising power house of the world: How does it really feel like? What do the people there think and hope for? Rather than reading 100 books I just went there to check it out myself.