June 2, 2015


In meinem Kopf tummeln sich die Ideen und immer mal wieder findet eine so viel Geh├Âr, dass sie den Weg raus in die Welt findet! Einfach mal machen! Ausprobieren! Yeah!

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Actor and Director

One of my latest discoveries is the Kino Kabaret: Some 10-100 actors, directors, cameramen, sound guys, etc meet in one place to shot whatever comes to their minds within 48h. Everybody does what is needed: The director of one film is the driver of another and the extra of a third. It’s extremely collaborative! Night and day doesn’t matter as long as a film can be made! – It’s a blast!

Und der Versuch aus unglaublich langweiligem Material im Schnitt doch noch was zu zaubern:

And all this actually started with me discovering improvisational theater some years ago and then many many sessions in which I played and later also led. The always new show full of surprises, twisted turns, so many different characters, slapstick, the power of longing and pure joy. All within one evening. Awesome!

Whereas my trips into planned/normal theater made me understand the real character work and feeling and really becoming the other person, the experimental theater helped me grow beyond borders and understand what is really behind by just focusing on single aspects.

Wow! I love acting and every aspect of it! ­čÖé



My friend Harry Stahl asked me out for some foto shootings. What a great experience! It feels like a natural expansion to my improvisational theater skills into a new field. Thanks Harry! ­čÖé

And thanks to Silvia Simbeck (waterfall picture) and Claudia Mignone (book picture).



Der Baum, Text und gelesen von Florian Rickert

Der Panther, Text von Rainer Maria Rilke, gelesen von Florian Rickert

The Song, text and read by Florian Rickert



Some experiments of two painters drawing simultaneously on a slowly rotating paper, with Isidora.

This is really a rather new field for me. Let’s see what’s going to happen! ­čÖé



Probably one of my biggest experiments ever: After nearly 10 years working as software developer and scrum master / team lead I decided to leave the working world and get retired. Since then I just do what I want to do in life. This could also mean working as I still love working in and with teams and don’t mind developing some software – but only if I truly want to do it!
Initially I was sleeping and snoozing for 2 weeks – until I was so relaxed that one day I almost collapsed on the balcony.
I visited all my friends in Europe. I tried to play the guitar and gave up realizing that my talents are elsewhere. Climbed a 6189m mountain in Nepal, did a hero’s journey and I am constantly reinventing my life.
Wow this topic is so big I cannot summarize it just now. Maybe also because I am still in the middle of it.
In case you want to know more about it – just get in touch with me! ­čÖé


Me and music. This is an interesting connection. I really enjoy most music and with some songs or concerts I fly away, or I dance away or I completely dissolve. Or I simply use my “music that makes me happy” playlist to change my mood.
And I try repeatedly getting on the other side: Creating music. However with rather limited results so far. Apparently other things on this planet are easier to reach for me.
Anyway, at some point I figured that it’s quite easy to produce film music like sounds on Thomas’ keyboard: